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The Covenant of Christ is a groundbreaking book of sacred writings unlike any other. It was written as scripture for the present day. It summarizes the history of a people who followed divine guidance and journeyed from the Old to the New World. It explains that despite a forgotten connection to Him, God has continually been involved in scattering His covenant people through the world.


The spirit of prophecy and revelation inspired the writers to make this record of God's involvement with one branch of His covenant people. Their record promises other branches were also guided by God and led to locations throughout the world. Although our ancestors may have forgotten and abandoned their covenant, God has never forgotten or abandoned His covenant people.


This record was first introduced to the world in the poetic and archaic language of the King James Bible almost two hundred years ago. It has been preserved by the Lord to come forth in clear modern English. This book is both a revelation and a warning. Though it may seem improbable, it extends an unmistakable invitation to connect with God through a renewed covenant.

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An Introduction

The Covenant of Christ is the most important volume of scripture for the present day. The original text from 1830 was not a commentary, not an interpretation, neither a narration nor an explanation. It presented itself as original, authentic, ancient scripture. This new edition renders the text into a modern or present-day language setting.

EME Language
“My Soul Delights in Clarity and Candor”

When the Lord gave the words of Book of Mormon to his servant, Joseph Smith, it was necessary for Him to render it in the language of scripture of that day and culture—the "King James" English of the Bible, also known as Early Modern English. It was a language no longer spoken or written. But the book would not have been accepted & preserved otherwise. This Modern English version of the text brings these truths to light with clarity and directness. It is the candor the Lord uses when He works with mankind and which Nephi delighted in.

“And I’ll give more to those who receive...”

If you find you still have questions after reading the Introduction and Background linked above, consider taking a look at answers to commonly asked questions. These will be regularly expanded.

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